About Us - Kelbrick's Roof Trusses

Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses design, manufacture and install roof trusses according to your specifications.  All shapes and sizes can be designed from attic trusses, exposed trusses, residential and commercial steel roof trusses, rafters, beams and floor beams, to only name a few.  

Kelbrick's Roof Trusses is owned and managed by the Kelbrick family, and has built a reputation for Quality and Service Par Excellence.  We established ourselves in 1987 as specialised designers and manufacturers of Pre-Fabricated Engineered Roof Trusses.

We are license holders of MiTek (formerly Gang-Nail & Hydro-Nail) since 1989, and our team of designers and estimators (with a combined experience of over 45 years) are fully trained on all the aspects on roof truss and layout detailing, currently making use of the MiTek designing programs (Mi2000, MiTek 20/20, Prime-Cad, Caddie & Beam design programs). 

We were one of the first roof truss designing offices in South Africa to produce full working drawings on A1, and are regularly briefed by Professional Structural Engineers to prepare full working drawings on the roof sections for complex residential and public buildings.

We at Kelbrick's Roof Trusses have always strived to maintain a professional standard of Roof Truss Designing and Manufacturing, and are proud to be associated with the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) Mark Scheme. The SABS Mark Scheme is a product certification scheme whereby third-party (i.e. SABS) certification is given that the particular product complies with a given specification.

In October 2002 Kelbrick's became the first Roof Truss Manufacturer in South Africa to obtain the prestigious permit (SABS 1900) from SABS to apply the SABS certification mark on all the Roof Truss products we manufacture.

This major achievement once again confirmed Kelbrick's Roof Trusses as the Industry Leader in Southern Africa.

Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses is the answer whether you are planning or re-roofing your building. We only use advanced designing programmes, developed and backed by Professional Structural Engineers and Programmers.  

All trusses are fabricated and inspected at the factory under SABS 1900:2002.  All Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses’ activities are overseen which includes, Nail Plate Manufacturing, System certification, Truss Plant certification, training of designers, estimators, detailers, erectors, carpenters, inspections of completed roofs. Seeing that Kelbrick's Roof Trusses are SABS approved (the best quality procedure), an ITC membership is just not compatible and unnecessary.

Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses provide the following products:

  • SA structural pine, timber, wood, floor joints,
  • floor beams,
  • eco truss connecting products from Mitek,
  • hurricane clips,
  • truss hanger,
  • truss boots,
  • heavy duty cleat,
  • brackets,
  • top and bottom cord bracing,
  • T-bracing,
  • web bracing,
  • brandering,
  • batten (battens),
  • wall plate,
  • barge,
  • fascia,
  • boards,
  • tiles,
  • concrete and clay tiles from Brickor, Marley Roofing, Lafarge, Rooftile West Rand, Coverland, in the following profiles; Double Roman, Deep Roll Double Roman, Monarch, Mendip, Ludlow, Modern flat tile, Cupola, Elite, Marseille Clay Tile Range.